Value Investing

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A comprehensive guide to value investing

by Mariusz Skonieczny

All intelligent investing is value investing.

Charlie Munger

Many investors get confused about value investing. They think that there is growth investing and there is value investing. This is complete nonsense. If you are investing without paying attention to value, you are not really investing. You are speculating.

There is no separation between growth investing and value investing. There is only intelligent investing versus unintelligent investing. Growth is a variable in value. The faster a company grows, the more value it has. Just because a company is growing does not mean that you should pay an unlimited price for it.

Price is what you pay; value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

I will teach you how to find investment ideas, perform due diligence, and value companies, and level up your knowledge around accounting terms and practices.

Value Investing University is like a training session, and is designed to teach you to become a better investor. Join me and I’ll show you the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along my investment journey.

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